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Mobile Template Design

We use a powerful template framework, adding logic, functions, and structure for mobile layouts.

Malware Removal And Security

Some idiot took your website down and now you have a google malware penalty and your site is gone.
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Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization built into the very foundation of your template

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Version Upgrades

Upgrade your CMS version to the latest release for security, bug fixes and new features.
 smart phone application development 1a


70% off standard mobile app pricing. Download from Google Play and App Store 

Resolution and Browser Compatibility

Achieve consistent appearance on popular browsers. Firefox, IE 7+, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.
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We build websites from scrath with extreme functionality, flat rate quotes and warrantied

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Speed Optimization

Optimize your website for speed, faster load times, improved visitor experience, and reduced bandwidth.
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Our Process

Start with a complete website assessment.
We check all components/plugin for compatibility.
We check all work for feasibility.
You will receive a written quote before we work
We follow up.
No downtime

Hourly Vs. Flat Rate

Purchase Programmer by the Hour or by FLAT RATE QUOTES based on complexity, estimated hrs to complete, skill level needed, past experience, etc. No split payment, you own everything.

Our Abilities

We have been in business since 1995 Programmers are on staff, we are not freelancers All programmers are experienced with PHP We are scalable with over 3000 programing hours per month We make component, plugins and modules

Our Oath

We answer the phone during working hours
You can talk to your programmer.
We will finish what we start.
We call you to make sure your on track during your project.

We Communicate

We call to make sure your project is on track.Feasibility verification before quoting.
Programmer works directly for you. Direct programmer contact. Hours roll over and are banked
Projects have 30 day warranty

6 wp plugins

Don't Be The Last To Know Your Website Is Hacked! 

Our wordpress plugin provides manual website scanning and reports for malware, trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, spyware and other threats as well as JavaScript code obfuscation, exploits, malicious iframes, malicious code injection, malicious code obfuscation, auto-generated malicious content, redirects, hidden eval code and more. Also, it will check if your website is blacklisted by Google and other blacklisting authorities. The plugin scans the content of your website for various forms of malware and the data is investigated on remote servers by malware detection engines.

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So Your Website Is Hacked! Don't Panic. We Fix!

You don't have to panic like this any more. First we clean, then we secure. Our techs will clean your website of malware, trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, spyware, JavaScript code obfuscation, exploits, malicious iframes, malicious code injection, malicious code obfuscation, auto-generated malicious content, redirects, hidden eval code and dreaded and most popular SEO spam attacks. We will get your blacklisting removed and then advise on the proper firewall to secure your website. Only $89.95 and 30 day warranty for malware removal.

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Mobile Responsive Website Design And Template Conversions

Owners of websites are starting to see impact from Google's recent algorithm update known as "mobilegeddon," which launched on April 21, 2015. The major impact of this algorithm update is that mobile devices now have very different search results than those displayed on desktop browsers. The reason for this change is to ensure users on mobile devices have a consistently positive experience. Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design is how websites are built to scale for all size devices, including ipad, iphone, Android, PC, Mac, Tablets etc. One site needs to scale for all devices. We can make your current design mobile compatible. Ask us for a assessment. READ ABOUT MOBILEGEDDON

                                                                                              Mobile Template Conversions

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