PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

Save up to 70% on development fees for PrestaShop eCommerce website repairs and PrestaShop website development services. We provide the following:

  • PrestaShop Website Repair
  • PrestaShop Customizations
  • PrestaShop Version Upgrades
  • PrestaShop Website Design
  • PrestaShop Developers
  • PrestaShop Core Updates
  • PrestaShop Plugin Updates
  • PrestaShop Database Fixes

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Expert PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

Has your PrestaShop eCommerce website been hacked? Do you see PrestaShop error messages or notice any broken functionality? Are your PrestaShop website pages loading too slowly or not at all?

We fix any type of PrestaShop websites, from simple setups to extremely complex configurations, functionalities, and integrations. Our highly-experienced, expert-level PrestaShop developers will identify the root cause of the issue, then repair, restore, and secure your website in a timely manner.

Extreme PrestaShop eCommerce Website Customizations

Whether you need a custom PrestaShop website template, 3rd-party API integrations, or complex PrestaShop website functionality, 911 Website Repair can handle it.

We do the customizations that other PrestaShop website developers say can’t be done. Need a custom PrestaShop module, component, or extension? No problem. Our PrestaShop development team will get it done for you.

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PrestaShop eCommerce Website Development

If you need a new PrestaShop eCommerce website for your business or organization, or if you’re looking to redesign your website because it’s out-of-date or not up to modern UI/UX and accessibility standards, then you’re in the right place.

Our PrestaShop development team designs and develops Google-compliant websites that not only look first-class, but provides top notch user experiences, and increases visitor conversions.

PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair & Development Services

PrestaShop Website Security
PrestaShop Custom Theme Design
PrestaShop Site Speed Optimization
PrestaShop Theme Implementation & Development
PrestaShop Search Engine Optimization
PrestaShop Malware Removal
PSD to PrestaShop Theme
PrestaShop Customizations
PrestaShop Plugin Installation & Development
PrestaShop Installation
PrestaShop Website Backups
PrestaShop Custom Plugin Development
PrestaShop Settings Configurations
PrestaShop Website Migration
PrestaShop Website Maintenance

Get your website analyzed now at .

Make sure it can handle the increase in traffic, sales and security related issues


Increase your holiday sales by taking phone orders.


You can lose sales due to:

1) out of date sites that are in warning status at their hosts

2) customer abandonment due to slow loading sites

3) expired SSL's leaving unsecured payment pages

4) search engine penalties due to optimization errors

5) lost mobile sales because the site is not mobile responsive

6) no crash recovery due to lack of daily backups make sure your ready for the holidays


These issues are coming from our daily experiences with fixing our customers websites. Many times the customers do not even know the website has issues. No one is testing and they dont know what to look for.  


Call us (860-294-2444) or use our quoting ticket syetem to have us do our holiday analysis and get a report of what we find.


Here are the consequences of the above points

1) Hosting companies are suspending sites that are out of date. Out of date is even a status on most website virus scanners now. We have had to rescue many websites for customers who thought it could never happen to them. It would be horrible for your website to be down during the peak sales point of the year. Don't wait, update to the latest joomla, wordpress or drupal version now!


2) Your customers have no patience. If your site does not load quickly, they will leave. Make sure your customers don't have to wait in line to navigate and purchase from your website. Speed it up now. Check you website here, GOOGLE SPEED REPORT. We can fix what ever issues this program finds.


3) Lately we are finding sites whose SSL's have expired and were never renewed. YOur customers really look for that security lock, and if they dont find it, they will not buy. The internat is full of danger. Dont contribute, make sure your check out is secure and save that sale, as well as your customers information.


4) Search engines are changing the rules all the time. What worked last season may not be working this season, or it may even be causing you to incur penalties. These will effect your ability to be found. We have even seen a few sites lately that the spiders could not even crawl. Make sure you customers can find you. Let us take a look and make recommendations.


5) Sales from mobile devices are on the increase. You can no long ignore that fact that your site does not load or work on a mobile device such as your iphone, android, ipad or tablet. We can make your website mobile responsive for the holidays thus increasing your customer base and sales.


6) Last but not least, we find that no efforts have been taken to secure websites from hackers. There are many extensions for you CMS that can help improve your site security from malware and virus's. Dont take a chance, there malware and virus intrusions are automated and if your site is not secured and up to date, you are extremely vulnerable. We find that website owners are not even taking the most basic of precautions such as installing joomla's akeeba backup or wordpress's backup buddy so the site can be restored.


Its up to you, and its no one elses fault for not keeping your website current, fast, indexed, mobile responsive, and secure. We can help you and work within any reasonable budget.



Be proactive and get it done now. Lets make this the best holiday season ever.


Get Your Free Analysis Now  (860-294-2444)




Why Choose 911 Website Repair?

Highly Experienced

Highly Experienced

We’ve fixed more than 25,000 websites since 1998 and are able to resolve all website errors.

Extreme Customizations

Extreme Customizations

We excel at completing complex integrations and adding non-standard functionality to websites.

Excellent Communication

Great Communication

Get responses in minutes rather than days during normal business hours. You’re never ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website errors and issues do you fix?

We can fix and address almost all kinds of website issues like malware/malicious code/virus insertions, internal server errors, theme & plugin conflicts, SQL errors, database corruption, timeouts, DNS issues, browser incompatibilities, blank pages, and much more. If your website is not working properly, then we can diagnose the root cause of the issue and repair it. Chances are — we've seen the issue before!

How long will it take to fix my website?

Typically, we can fix a hacked website within 24-48 hours. However, there are cases where the issue is complex and requires more time to fix. Conversely, there are cases where sites can be restored within hours. After you get in touch with us, our development team will assess your website's problem and let you know the amount of time and the actions it will take to fix your site.

Can you restore my content and data?

In most cases, yes. And to be completely transparent, there are times where where website restoration is not possible (catastrophic server failure, lack of backups, etc.). If your site does need to be completely rebuilt, we will credit your initial payment to us toward the rebuild quote.

How can I ensure that my website never gets hacked again?

Unfortunately, no site on the Internet is un-hackable. However, we will let you know exactly what to do to secure your restored website and make it extremely difficult to hack — and faster to load!

What specific information do you need to get started?

At the bare minimum, we will need your website hosting credentials. This will allow us to access your server files and website's database. We may also need access to your domain name servers (DNS), which are usually with whatever domain name registrar, so have those credentials ready too.

How much does it cost to fix my website?

It varies. Pricing depends upon the depth and complexity of your website's issue. Our pricing is competitive, and in most cases lower than other website development companies and freelance web developers.

What types of website customizations can you do?

If you can imagine it, we can code it. Really...hit us with your best shot!

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