The new is finally on line. We did quite a bit of customizations to the ticket system, memberships/subscriptions, and the template. The comments have been favorable and everyone seems to like the new parallax template format. The only thing everyone has really commented on is the logo. So we will work on a new logo to match the new template. Now we are up to joomla 3.4. Also, make sure you check the site out on your mobile phone. The resposive layout is awesome and complies with all of the latest google mobile requirements for search engine indexing. We did not lose any of our rankins with the switch to the new site. Our rankins are actually better than ever. If your considering a new site but worried about your rankings changing, DON'T, we know how to handle this. Our rankings are better then ever.




Did anyone notice how fast the website is now. Not only do we have the new site, but new hosting too. Everyone knows we have been a big fan of Hostgator which is still fine. Our sites and needs required a more robust hosting solution. Now we are hosted on a new dedicated server at Support is incredible and you can see the speed difference. Using the SSD hardrives and having the server set up correctly really makes a difference. For most sites your fine with hosting services from You dont need a solution like ours unless you have a lot of calls and websites. But when you get to the point where you need more speed and power, SQUIDEX is the way to go.




We have been busy updating websites and doing template conversions for complying with the new google indexing rules. Now that they have implemented the new rules, people who did not upgrade their templates are dropping like flies in the rankings. I gave everyone full warning and for those who ignored me they are now suffering. If you have not upgraded to the new google mobile responsive requirements, contact us now so we can get started asap. Withour being mobile responsive, your compeditors will out rank you becuase they did upgrade.




We have dropped our rates to $10.00 per hour. All the same policies apply, but now your can get more hours for less money. The prices will go back to normal at some time in the near future. Purchase your time blocks now and save the hours for when you need them. There is no expiration so you can use the time whenever you want.




 Sitesassure is realy taking off and in 18 months, not a single website using the firewall has beem hacked. We even have it working on cloud hosting now. Our wordpress plugin will be released soon so you can scan and get reports for free from within your admin. Soon to follow will be our joomla plugin. Don't roll the dice. Get your website secured before malware finds you. 

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