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So your site was supsended by host today

It happened to three people today. They checked their sites this morning only to find that their hosting accounts had been suspended. This is not good for a business website to be down. We checked into it and it is exactly what i have been telling people all along. UPGRADE YOUR WEBSITES. These sites were old versions of joomla and wordpress, and the hosting companies took them down because they had not been upgraded after several warnings that if they don't the sites would be suspended. And the hosting companies did.


 Here is the hosting companies reasoning. Old sites are vulnerable to hacking, both targeted and automated. Its just a matter of when. Maybe today, tomorrow, or next month, but they will be hit. Maybe with a virus or malware, it does not matter. The issue for them is that these sites compromise the security of every other site on the server. If you have a shared hosting account, there could be hundreds of sites that could be effected if your site is attacked. For the protection of all the other sites, they have to clean house and keep sites up date. Keeping your website up to date is the best defense against hacking and vulnerabilities.


They don't want the liability.So today a major hoster just started shutting down websites.



When we fix hacked websites, the last step is always to upgrade to the site to the latest version of the CMS used. This closes any vulnerabilities and security holes in the site. And 9 times out of 10, the customer refuses. They are rolling the dice and taking a huge risk. If your proactive with your upgrades, your site will not go down. If your not, the site could be suspended at some point, and it could be weeks before you get the upgrades done and your site back online.

Be proactive, get your site upgraded before your suspended. Clients are  concerned about the cost of the upgrade, but believe me, the cost of the upgrade is nothing compared to the cost of having your site suspended and off line for weeks.


Call us 860-294-2444 and get your site upgraded now.



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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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