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Success and Failure = Feasibility

In the beginning, when we were new and optimistic, we bid on everything. Well, over time we have learned not to do that. We now do proper quotes and feasibility studies. Admittedly we got ourselves into a lot of trouble. We ended up with projects that were actually impossible to do. This resulted in not only unhappy programmers and staff, but very unhappy customers.

We did everything we could, we even hired other programmer on our own funds, tried work arounds, and compromises, and in some cases this all worked. We did not charge for the time over runs because they were really our fault. But for a few projects. there was nothing we or anyone in the world could do. The impossible could not be changed by begging, pleading, yelling, screaming, threats and intimidation. No matter the expertize, impossible remained impossible. So, who ever said that you can do anything with php and mysql, well, they were wrong.

We have one of two of those customers still with us today The were never additionally charged for month after month of efforts. We do not like to fail, and we certainly do not quit. The result of all of this is we are much better today, not just the skill levels and experience of our programming staff, but the ability to quote and estimate the projects. Feasibility is key. So, as part of setting our expectations with you, we tell you right up front, that we will have successes and failures, good days and bad days, triumphs and disappointments. But we will do everything we can to complete your project.

It seems that every customer that calls before the purchase of our time tells us the same story. My project was never finished, the programmer over promised, the programmer did not have the skill sets, the company took all my money and gave me nothing. And now they do not answer the phone or reply to emails. I have heard this same story over and over.

The issue was feasibility. The tasks were too complicated and could not be done. It seems like in this freelancer world where everyone is desperate to get the gig, and not let any job slip past them, that the programmers and companies promise the impossible.

So, lets set our expectations, we are not perfect, but we never quit, and unfortunately we cannot change the impossible to possible.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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