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can u fix my website

I hope that you will see what makes us different from this conversation. We take a lot of calls for repairs and website help. Our due diligence seems to scare some people off. We do a site assessment before we agree to take on any project and create a plan of action before we give a quote.


here is a typical call.


911: Hi 911websiterpair, this is Mike

caller: my website is broken, can you fix it?

911: tell me what the issue is

caller: its broken, how much will it cost?

911: well, i need to know what the issues are.

caller: i just want to know how much

911: ok,  whats the URL, let me take a look, what is happening, are there error messages

caller: yes, the site is not loading

911: ok    URL please

caller: ah um www.mysitedoesnotwork.com

911: ok   i see the error message, and im running a scanner against your site to see if you have been hacked or have malware. im also checking your listing on google to see if you have been blocked

caller: all i want to know is how much

911: we have to perform an assessment, just like whe you go to the doctor. I cant fix your site if i dont know whats wrong. I need to ask a few more questions


1) did you recently try to update your site

2) do you have a backup

3) what type of site is this, (joomla, wordpress, etc)


caller: i saw the upgrade button and clicked it and now its broken like this

i dont have a backup

it is wordpress, a friend of mine made it for me and i know nothing


911: where is your site hosted

caller: i think its godaddy

911: can you give me the admin login credentials, i need to see the backend of the site

caller: why   im not giving you access,you might break it

911: only way to determine whats wrong, we have the credentials to hundreds of sites and never have an issue, and your site is already broken.

caller: why

911: because when you upgrade a site you cannot just hit the update button, it does not work like that, you have to check and see if all the plugins  and the theme are compatible with the new version of wordpress and then get the latest copies of those and install separately. When you clicked the update button it only updated the core of wordpress, not the plugins. This is most likely what happened

caller. how do you fix it

911: well, could be an issue. we need to find a backup, godaddy should have one,

then we move the site to our dev server

then we check for all the extensions and customizations to make sure they are compatible

then we do the upgrades and update on our dev server

once everything is completed, we have you check the work, and if you approve, we move it to live

caller: thats way more than i want, all i want is my website fixed.

911: I know, this is what needs to be done. we will get your site working, updated, and warranty the work

caller: i dont have a lot of money

911: i will try to work within your budget. can we have the login so we can quote, you can email it to [email protected]

caller: ok i will email, how much will it cost

911: i cant quote until we do our accessment. your website also shows that its infected with malare. we need to clean the site too

caller: why wont you answer my question   how much

911: first we assess the site, then we quote

caller: ok    i dont have time for this, i will send the email




SO...why did i share this.

1) this customer could really know what they are doing, and manipulation for a cheap price (yes, people do this)

2) there are freelancers and developers who would just throw out a price. This will screw themselves and the customer, WHY! 

Because the developer could just have agreed to fix a $10,000.00 website with extremely complicated customizations for $40.00.

The developer who did not do an assessment, may be in over his head and not have the ability to complete the upgrades and any customizations.


The site could be completely destroyed and need to be built over from scratch.


The instant answer does not serve the customer or the developer well at all. By doing our due diligence, we can assess so that all the bases are covered, insure the work is feasible, and even warranty it. And best of all set a reasonable expectation for the client and our staff.


Do you really want to hire a programmer who does not even know what the problem is?


Get our assessment for FREE!.


If you want and feel the need to shop our price and assessment around, so be it. Its about your website and keeping your business on line. Just remember us when the programmer you hired did not fix the site. We will jump in where he left off.


We have actually had many customers who did this, hired the cheap guy. Then another cheap guy. And sometime even a third cheap guy. Then came back and we fixed the site. But now they were out the cost of the two or three failed attempts. They even tell us they have spent their money and ask us to reduce our rate. That is not our problem as our quotes are highly discounted, but even with that, we have shaved a few dollars off the price here and there.


And dont for get, we WARANTEE the work.


Get your free assessment now!   Fill out our handy free website assessment form.










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Is your website ready for the HOLIDAYS? Free Analysis

Get your website analyzed now at http://www.911websiterepair.com .

Make sure it can handle the increase in traffic, sales and security related issues


Increase your holiday sales by taking phone orders. http://www.virtuemartmailordermanager.com


You can lose sales due to:

1) out of date sites that are in warning status at their hosts

2) customer abandonment due to slow loading sites

3) expired SSL's leaving unsecured payment pages

4) search engine penalties due to optimization errors

5) lost mobile sales because the site is not mobile responsive

6) no crash recovery due to lack of daily backups make sure your ready for the holidays


These issues are coming from our daily experiences with fixing our customers websites. Many times the customers do not even know the website has issues. No one is testing and they dont know what to look for.  

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More Sites Suspended

We are still dealing with the issue of old outdated websites using old version of joomla, wordpress and drupal. I still dont know where people get the idea that a website lasts forever. The environment that makes a website work is constantly changing. Hosting companies update their servers to use the latest version of PHP and MySQL, thus rendering these older sites broken. The websites and the host services and no longer communicate. The sites just cant run. The frustration for the hosting companies is they know they will crash these old sites, bit they have to upgrade, if for no other reasons, server security and improved functionality.


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So your site was supsended by host today

It happened to three people today. They checked their sites this morning only to find that their hosting accounts had been suspended. This is not good for a business website to be down. We checked into it and it is exactly what i have been telling people all along. UPGRADE YOUR WEBSITES. These sites were old versions of joomla and wordpress, and the hosting companies took them down because they had not been upgraded after several warnings that if they don't the sites would be suspended. And the hosting companies did.

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Hosting Gone Wrong - what do you mean i don't own my website or domain

Hosting Gone Wrong - what do you mean I don't own my website or domain

 I've tried to write this over and over again in an effort to get my message across to everyone. In the end, no matter what I do, if your reading this now, you probably already have the problem. As we encounter this issue almost daily, I am compelled to speak up about it. Theoretically its not wrong, even ethically its not wrong, and from a business standpoint it makes a lot of sense. What am I talking about. HOSTING, for both your website and your domain.


Here is how the story begins.

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Our new component has been released => MOM

Our joomla extensions division, http://www.madeforjoomla.com has released our final alpha version of the Virtuemart Mail Order Manager (MOM) for VM2.0. Its a completely installable component that allows a site manager to create and enter a customers or while they are on the phone. Taking phone orders is now a reality.


visit http://www.madeforjoomla.com for more information


or visit http://www.virtuemartmailordermanager.com and see the video.


increase your sales by taking phone and mail orders.

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just some observations

just to share some experience

The other day we took our dog to the vet. This vet is a specialist and was referred to us as the best, and he seems to be. Prior we had seen two other vets who had both concurred the same diagnoses, GME. This vet did his exam and did not see the same things the prior vets had seen. The first two vets claimed the dog was almost blind. But this vet said his eyesight was good.

I'm telling this story because i liked what he said.

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MadeForJoomla.com is NOW LIVE

We have the official designation of authorized third party extension developers for joomla's shopping cart. VIRTUEMART. Go to madeforjoomla.com and see all of our popular extensions, including paypalpro for virtuemart 2.0, fedex shipping module for virtuemart 2.0, and many other offiengs.


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website version updates - Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.0 updates


We have been getting a lot of calls about updating joomla, wordpress and drupal to their latest version. 90% are about failed updates and sites that no longer work. It seems it is not the simple process that many developers promise it will be. Many are failing, and worse of all, the sites cannot be reverted to the working old versions because the developer updated the live master site. There is not much that can be done except fix the upgrades and move forward.

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the disappearing programmer syndrone

Well, its happened again, actually 3 times this week alone. A past potential customer contacts us and tells us their programmer has disappeared, did not finish building their website, and will not return phone calls or emails. This happens all the time. Here is what usually happens in our world.

Customer submits to us for a quote and then decides to go with another person or company. That  person or company under quoted and did not check for feasibility of the requested functionalities and tasks. We cannot compete with $1.00 per hour programmers and companies that fail to tell their potential customer that what they want cannot be done. Because  another person or company under-priced, short estimated the time frame, over promise and did not do feasibility studies, they set themselves up for failure.


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I'm You, You're me

I've been doing INTERNET development since 1994. At first I worked for ecommerce companies, and then went on my own as a developer/internet business consultant. I had a lot of successes and survived the boom and the bust. On my own i was the only one working on my projects. It was great not having a boss, but i was limited by the number of projects I could take at a time and my own skill sets. I was not scalable.

So time went on and I started outsourcing little pieces of work to off shore companies. It was always a problem. They over promised and under delivered. I tried China, Vietnam, India, and Mexico. And the whole escrow thing I just hated. The big problem was using those freelancer sites. I did not like the poor communication


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Paypalpro for Virtuemart 2.0

paypalpro for virtuemart 2.0 We also make components, modules and plugins that we distribute through our http://www.joomlacache.com website. Today we release Paypalpro for Virtuemart 2.0 . This is the pay pal direct payments method. It will add a form s you can take credit cards on your virtuemart website without your customers needing to leave your site to pay at paypal. This requires a paypalpro account set up at paypal.com.


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Steve jobs said “start with the customer experience and walk backwards”!

And that is where we start our relationship with you. Its easy to do, as every call we get we hear the same story over and over again...

1) developer could not do the job

2) developer took my money and did nothing

3) developer does not reply to emails or phone calls

4) developer never had a phone number for contact

5) i'm screwed, the budget is gone, and i still need to get this site programming done for my client

6) i found out it was a lone programmer who was over booking his time and could not possibly do it all

7) we were limited to the skillsets of that one lone programmer.

8) they cant communicate, have poor communication skills, and cant speak english.

9) they over promise and under deliver

10) programmer worked on my live site without a back up and now it is destroyed and cant be restored

11) i took a project and im in over my head, i am clueless and need help, SAVE ME!!!



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10 simple marketing tactics

I was recently asked for marketing ideas that could possibly build traffic and help with customer retention, cheaply. All i have is just the normal die hard guerrilla marketing tactics. We are not a marketing company, and concentrate on development, which is what we do best. These bullet points should help anyone's website though.


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Best Web Tool 2012 Award


Joomlacache now Madeforjoomla.com was recently recognized as one of the Best Web Tool 2012 by WebHostingSearch.com.

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Success and Failure = Feasibility

In the beginning, when we were new and optimistic, we bid on everything. Well, over time we have learned not to do that. We now do proper quotes and feasibility studies. Admittedly we got ourselves into a lot of trouble. We ended up with projects that were actually impossible to do. This resulted in not only unhappy programmers and staff, but very unhappy customers.

We did everything we could, we even hired other programmer on our own funds, tried work arounds, and compromises, and in some cases this all worked. We did not charge for the time over runs because they were really our fault. But for a few projects. there was nothing we or anyone in the world could do. The impossible could not be changed by begging, pleading, yelling, screaming, threats and intimidation. No matter the expertize, impossible remained impossible. So, who ever said that you can do anything with php and mysql, well, they were wrong.

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Its about time

Thats how we work. I know we are different than other companies. With us, our customers are buying to to a programmer and they manage there own tasks and projects. Who knows better what you want than you yourself. The programmers will do the work as it is assigned, and then the customers review the work. You are your own project manager. Of course, this means that the customer is responsible for the outcome of their project. It upt o them to make sure the work is completes and done on time. This is whay the purchase is time based and not task based.

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About our website repair services

What Makes Our Website Repair Services Different

  • We have been Joomla developers for 5 years
  • We developer joomla components, modules and plug-ins and disttibute them on http://www.joomlacache.com
  • We answer the phone and speak english 860-294-2444 10 to 4 EST M-F
  • Wesupply backend programming services for web designers and website developers.
  • We offer website maintenance plans for those that have finished with their initial devloper and need help so they can maintain their site themselves.
  • We work with the do-it-yourself webmaster. need help for 1hr, just call us or purchase time.
  • ITS JUST LIKE WEBSITE INSURANCE -- we have seen it all, built it all, and can do just about anything, no matter how rediculous the need.
  • You can even manage the programmer yourself through the ticket system.
  • Start your own web design or web development service and use our staff WHITE LABLE as your own.
  • Our programmers are available from any where in the world, not just connecticut
  • We complete your project
  • We always answer the phone, emails and support tickets
  • We never quit or hide from you


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Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 2.5

We know that there is a big push for J2.5. Everyone wants to upgrade. But, its just not ready yet. J2.5 will need some time to get the bugs out of it and get it so it is working perfectly. Developers need time to upgrade the components, modules and plugins so they are compatible.And virtuemart needs time for J2.5 to become stable before they can complete their upgrade . VM2.0 for J1.7 is not even working perfectly yet.

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