PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

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Expert PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair

Has your PrestaShop eCommerce website been hacked? Do you see PrestaShop error messages or notice any broken functionality? Are your PrestaShop website pages loading too slowly or not at all?

We fix any type of PrestaShop websites, from simple setups to extremely complex configurations, functionalities, and integrations. Our highly-experienced, expert-level PrestaShop developers will identify the root cause of the issue, then repair, restore, and secure your website in a timely manner.

Extreme PrestaShop eCommerce Website Customizations

Whether you need a custom PrestaShop website template, 3rd-party API integrations, or complex PrestaShop website functionality, 911 Website Repair can handle it.

We do the customizations that other PrestaShop website developers say can’t be done. Need a custom PrestaShop module, component, or extension? No problem. Our PrestaShop development team will get it done for you.

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PrestaShop eCommerce Website Development

If you need a new PrestaShop eCommerce website for your business or organization, or if you’re looking to redesign your website because it’s out-of-date or not up to modern UI/UX and accessibility standards, then you’re in the right place.

Our PrestaShop development team designs and develops Google-compliant websites that not only look first-class, but provides top notch user experiences, and increases visitor conversions.

PrestaShop eCommerce Website Repair & Development Services

PrestaShop Website Security
PrestaShop Custom Theme Design
PrestaShop Site Speed Optimization
PrestaShop Theme Implementation & Development
PrestaShop Search Engine Optimization
PrestaShop Malware Removal
PSD to PrestaShop Theme
PrestaShop Customizations
PrestaShop Plugin Installation & Development
PrestaShop Installation
PrestaShop Website Backups
PrestaShop Custom Plugin Development
PrestaShop Settings Configurations
PrestaShop Website Migration
PrestaShop Website Maintenance

And that is where we start our relationship with you. Its easy to do, as every call we get we hear the same story over and over again...

1) developer could not do the job

2) developer took my money and did nothing

3) developer does not reply to emails or phone calls

4) developer never had a phone number for contact

5) i'm screwed, the budget is gone, and i still need to get this site programming done for my client

6) i found out it was a lone programmer who was over booking his time and could not possibly do it all

7) we were limited to the skillsets of that one lone programmer.

8) they cant communicate, have poor communication skills, and cant speak english.

9) they over promise and under deliver

10) programmer worked on my live site without a back up and now it is destroyed and cant be restored

11) i took a project and im in over my head, i am clueless and need help, SAVE ME!!!





So that is where we started at 911, especially as over the years I personally have had the same experience. I swear to never ever give that experience to our customers. So in creating this company, we started with the complaints of other companies services. The failings will be and are our success.

1) we do a feasibility study on every job, if it cant be done, we will tell you, and offer workarounds

2) we offer a time frame that works for the programmer and the client, and if we miss it, we keep on working until completed, for FREE*. no additional charges.

3) we communicate, you can call us on the phone, skype us, email us, or just post to your private ticket system and we will RESPOND during working hours.

4) we are proactive, and actually will call our clients to talk about there projects, how they are going, see if they need anything else, and inform them of any changes or problems we have incurred. If we see or sense any problems, we will call to make sure all is correct.

5) we have good and bad days just like every one else, heck, we have even failed once or twice. The difference is we don't disappear, we talk about it and work our compromises Maybe the vision was flawed, maybe it turned out to be impossible as spec't, but we may still get you the end result of the functionality you wanted, just with some modifications.

6) you work directly with your programmer, and can converse in real time on skype.

7) and we are commended for this all the time. If a project gets off track, just call me and I will personally intervene and work with you and your programmer to get your project done. I can fix problems if you tell me about them. I cant if you don't tell me.

8) we actually finish what we start


and by the way,   an 80% repeat customer rate.








* unless you change the scope of the project once quote has been agreed to.

Why Choose 911 Website Repair?

Highly Experienced

Highly Experienced

We’ve fixed more than 25,000 websites since 1998 and are able to resolve all website errors.

Extreme Customizations

Extreme Customizations

We excel at completing complex integrations and adding non-standard functionality to websites.

Excellent Communication

Great Communication

Get responses in minutes rather than days during normal business hours. You’re never ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website errors and issues do you fix?

We can fix and address almost all kinds of website issues like malware/malicious code/virus insertions, internal server errors, theme & plugin conflicts, SQL errors, database corruption, timeouts, DNS issues, browser incompatibilities, blank pages, and much more. If your website is not working properly, then we can diagnose the root cause of the issue and repair it. Chances are — we've seen the issue before!

How long will it take to fix my website?

Typically, we can fix a hacked website within 24-48 hours. However, there are cases where the issue is complex and requires more time to fix. Conversely, there are cases where sites can be restored within hours. After you get in touch with us, our development team will assess your website's problem and let you know the amount of time and the actions it will take to fix your site.

Can you restore my content and data?

In most cases, yes. And to be completely transparent, there are times where where website restoration is not possible (catastrophic server failure, lack of backups, etc.). If your site does need to be completely rebuilt, we will credit your initial payment to us toward the rebuild quote.

How can I ensure that my website never gets hacked again?

Unfortunately, no site on the Internet is un-hackable. However, we will let you know exactly what to do to secure your restored website and make it extremely difficult to hack — and faster to load!

What specific information do you need to get started?

At the bare minimum, we will need your website hosting credentials. This will allow us to access your server files and website's database. We may also need access to your domain name servers (DNS), which are usually with whatever domain name registrar, so have those credentials ready too.

How much does it cost to fix my website?

It varies. Pricing depends upon the depth and complexity of your website's issue. Our pricing is competitive, and in most cases lower than other website development companies and freelance web developers.

What types of website customizations can you do?

If you can imagine it, we can code it. Really...hit us with your best shot!

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