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911 Website Repair offers an extensive variety of SEO marketing services to help different businesses thrive in various circumstances. Our solutions can be scaled up or down to accommodate every client’s unique needs to guarantee the most productive, cost-effective SEO marketing services possible. 911 Website Repair works with companies that range from small startup to Fortune 500, as well as everything in between. 911 Website Repair is a leader in the SEO industry, with experience spanning over 15 years. We provide SEO marketing services that reach beyond the abilities of our competitors, featuring unmatched performance guarantees and no contractual commitment.


We provide full-service SEO marketing programs for those who need and/or want it. For almost all of our clients, we are extremely hands-on, utilizing SEO efforts directly on the client’s websites. You do not need to hand our work over to an IT team or web designer to implement it. For corporations that require that all content be monitored and approved, we will work directly with your team to integrate the SEO. We always share our knowledge and have no secrets; explaining all particulars behind every piece of work we execute.


Below, we have listed the most commonly requested SEO services requested of 911 Website Repair. We also offer customized solutions that can accommodate any specific business requirements.


SEO Marketing Campaign Packages


Local SEO

911 Website Repair’s local SEO marketing services are constructed to benefit businesses of any size that services its local community; however, this can also include an entire state. Our local SEO optimization concentrates specifically on increasing keyword rankings for relevant related keywords combined with a local city. For example: “Denver Dog Grooming” or “Kansas City Carpet Cleaning.”


Small Business SEO

911 Website Repair’s small business SEO marketing services were developed to help small businesses that provide services in local and/or national communities. Unlike the local SEO marketing services, this service targets local AND national search engine rankings. This is devised for businesses and corporations that are small to mid-sized and seek a national reach. For example: “Online Bait and Tackle” or “Colorado Bait and Tackle.”


Corporate SEO

911 Website Repair’s corporate SEO marketing services are fashioned to aid larger, established corporations operating on a national or international scale. These websites tend to be much larger that normal, or are a part of a conglomerate or franchise businesses. These highly competitive, top-tier keyword phrases target an extremely competitive marketplace. For example: “Car Insurance Company” or “Publishing House.”




Onsite SEO Optimization Includes:

  • Installation and configuration of CMS specific SEO components, modules and or plug-in (does not include cost of actual extension)
  • Home Page Optimization
  • Pages Optimization
  • Keyword Phrase Optimization
  • Unique Keywords Optimized
  • Alt Tags Optimized (images tags)
  • Header And Footer Text Optimization
  • Title and Meta Tags Optimized
  • Textual Content Optimized
  • Robots.txt Installation
  • Sitemaps Created and Submitted (XML, HTML)
  • Keyword research & Analysis (KEI)
  • Site Navigation Optimization (Create Text Navigation If Needed)
  • URL Rewrite (SEF URLS - Mod Rewrite)
  • Competitive Ranking Analysis
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing Verification
  • Server optimization (depends on host)


Our services also include:

  • Linking strategies
  • Link submissions
  • Directory submissions
  • Pay per click programs (additional cost)
  • Content writing
  • Social media management (additional cost)

Services are first round optimization only, for ongoing services please ask us about our recurring monthly subscription services. Even onsite optimization should be "tuned up" every few months or so.

*Service is not available for .net, VB (visual basic) or .asp environments


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just rely on PPC for search results?
Pay-per-click advertising has its benefits however, the majority (70%) of search engine users click organic listings over paid listings. Additionally, 37% of search engine users associate the first organic listing as the industry or category leader.

What are White Hat/Black Hat Techniques?
White Hat SEO involves editing content, removing barriers, and changing code for the purpose of making a website more attractive to search engines indexing activities. These are considered legitimate practices, endorsed by the search engines themselves, and will result in higher page rankings.

Black Hat SEO uses such techniques as link farms, keyword stuffing and article spinning to artificially increase a website's page rank for a time until the search engines detect the deceit. They are frowned upon because they compromise the relevance of search results and the quality of the user-experience. Websites that employ Black Hat SEO run the risk of being penalized and even banned from search engines.

Do I need to put a different title tag on every page of my site?
Yes, along with description and keyword tags. All other tags are unnecessary and can actually cause penalties to be imposed.

How important is the keyword tag?
Not very (Google ignores it), but if you use it, it needs to relate specifically to the content of the page in order to avoid penalties.

If I build two websites that are clones each other in content, but have different keywords and meta tags. Will this help my chances for ranking?
No! Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines state that you should not submit sites with mirrored content. Violating this rule will likely get one or both sites permanently banned.

What kind of results should I expect to see from SEO & in what timeframe?
For a brand new site, it can take a few months for the search engines to index the changes. But for an existing site it can be as quickly as 24 hours up to two weeks.

Do you submit my site the search engines?
No. And you shouldn't either. Your site needs to be crawled by a search engine from a link on a well-ranked related site. Never submit to search engines, link farms, link programs, or directories or your site could be penalized. And they crawl each other, so get in one and eventually you will be in all.

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