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browser3Specializing in browser compatibility and browser optimization for the popular content manage systems of joomla, wordpress and drupal. Browsers include google crome, IE 7 8 9 and 10, firefox, opera, chrome and safari browsers.

Make your site work consistently in all top browsers. Your website will function the way you designed it to.


Browser compatibilty is the ability of a Web browser to effectively display the HTML code and execute the scripts on Web pages. All the browsers handle the scripts and code in different ways, there is no global cross browser compatibility, Its not a one website works for all browsers situation. Thus, special technique need to be implemented to make one website work in all the browsers.


Choose a package below that is best suited for your web development needs* *Service is not available for .net, VB (visual basic) or .asp environments


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there browser compatibility issues?
During the browser wars, new features were added constantly without any coordination between vendors. So while all browsers might support a particular feature, there are differences in the way the feature works, ranging from slight cosmetic issues to profound conceptual differences.

These differences can be dramatic – making your website unworkable and unreadable.


Why does my website need to be compatible with different browsers?
Your website is your professional face on the internet. It is where you represent yourself to your customers and explain why they need your product or service. Errors in its appearance and functionality undermine your credibility.

In order to be effective, your site must look and function the same way across the five major browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome and Safari) as well as a myriad of minor ones.


My site was created using Microsoft Frontpage – can it be fixed?
Microsoft Frontpage has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Microsoft or browsers. Some issues that cannot be fixed include:

  • Absolute Positioning
  • Marquee
  • Background Sound
  • Page Transitions
  • DHTML FrontPage hover buttons


How do you fix issues with Internet Explorer 6?
IE6 does not support many of the newer website functionality available today. As a result, in some instances, 911 will display a popup on your site encouraging your visitors to upgrade to a compliant browser.





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