CMS Version Upgrades

We will update and upgrade your Joomla Wordpress or Drupal website to the latest version. This includes the shopping cart and any extensions that are in use. We also can keep any customizations you may have on your old site. Sorry, updates are by quote only.

The Quoting Process

upgradeTo begin we must do an analysis of your current website. We will need to have access to your administration section of your website to do this. We need the following information to properly quote.

1) What version is your current site.
What version is your current website. If its too old, we may not be able to upgrade directly to the newest versions, we may have to upgrade in stages.
(example: joomla 1.0.x to joomla 1.5.x to joomla 2.5. to joomla 3.x +)

2) List of all extensions including the components, modules and plugins in use
We need to make sure that all the extensions in use are available for the lastest version of your CMS.

3) Upgrading shopping carts
Tell us what shopping cart you are using and we make sure it is compatible with the latest version of your CMS in use.

4) Templates
Does your template predate the use of mobile devices. If so, it cannot be upgraded to have proper layouts on mobile devices. We recommend the use of a new commercial responsive template that can be customized to look like your old template. Or, you can just use a new template.

5) Customizations
If you have customized your website, your site may not be readily upgradeable. All those customizations may be lost with 1 click upgrade programs. We need to know about ALL of your customizations. It may not be feasible to migrate your customizations to a new upgraded site as the coding and architecture may have changed. Be prepared to have all the customizations recoded from scratch for the upgrade website.

Once we have all the information, we can than give you a quote.

Simple stock CMS updates without a shopping cart and no customizations begin at $540.00
More complex website updates with a shopping cart and no customizations begin at $1280.00
Highly customized websites begin at $1600.00


Our Updating Process

cmsTurnaround time can range between a few days (for simple sites) to 45 to 60 days for extremely customized ecommerce sites.
We do not upgrade your old site. WHY??. Because any problems it has, errors, bad code, etc, will just be migrated to the new site. We start with a clean new version of your CMS and cart and import your content, users, products etc. This makes for a stable new site. Otherwise, the old problmes may remain.

All work comes with our 30 day warrantee for debugging and making sure the site is stable and working. (no functionality or customization changes during the warrantee period.)

Use our pre-sales ticket system for submitting your sites for quote.


Call us or use our quoting form to tell us about your project and get a flat rate quote

All work includes a 30 day warranty.



Our Promise:

  1. Back-up your website before and after the upgrade
  2. Migration of your existing users, content, menus, contacts and more
  3. All required database changes to support new version
  4. Upgrade website template or customize new commercial template for compatibility and mobile
  5. Upgrade any installed components, modules and plugins to support new CMS version (if required)
  6. If eCommerce, installation and setup of shipping methods (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc)
  7. If eCommerce, Installation and setup of payment methods (Paypal,, Google Checkout, etc)
  8. Testing of the upgrade procedure on one of our test web servers
  9. Performing the production upgrade and testing
  10. Support during and after the upgrade process

Use our pre-sales ticket system for submitting your sites for quote.


The Extras

may be cms specific, included, no extra charge

  1. Sitemap generation and submissions
  2. Google webmasters tools setup and configuration
  3. First round of search engine optimization
  4. Speed Optimization
  5. Browser Optimization
  6. Website Backup Program (manual)
  7. Mobile Responsive Design
  8. Firewall component
  9. SEO Extensions
  10. SSL configuration for shopping carts (customer must purchase SSL from host)





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