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Is your website ready for the HOLIDAYS? Free Analysis

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Make sure it can handle the increase in traffic, sales and security related issues


Increase your holiday sales by taking phone orders.


You can lose sales due to:

1) out of date sites that are in warning status at their hosts

2) customer abandonment due to slow loading sites

3) expired SSL's leaving unsecured payment pages

4) search engine penalties due to optimization errors

5) lost mobile sales because the site is not mobile responsive

6) no crash recovery due to lack of daily backups make sure your ready for the holidays


These issues are coming from our daily experiences with fixing our customers websites. Many times the customers do not even know the website has issues. No one is testing and they dont know what to look for.  


Call us (860-294-2444) or use our quoting ticket syetem to have us do our holiday analysis and get a report of what we find.


Here are the consequences of the above points

1) Hosting companies are suspending sites that are out of date. Out of date is even a status on most website virus scanners now. We have had to rescue many websites for customers who thought it could never happen to them. It would be horrible for your website to be down during the peak sales point of the year. Don't wait, update to the latest joomla, wordpress or drupal version now!


2) Your customers have no patience. If your site does not load quickly, they will leave. Make sure your customers don't have to wait in line to navigate and purchase from your website. Speed it up now. Check you website here, GOOGLE SPEED REPORT. We can fix what ever issues this program finds.


3) Lately we are finding sites whose SSL's have expired and were never renewed. YOur customers really look for that security lock, and if they dont find it, they will not buy. The internat is full of danger. Dont contribute, make sure your check out is secure and save that sale, as well as your customers information.


4) Search engines are changing the rules all the time. What worked last season may not be working this season, or it may even be causing you to incur penalties. These will effect your ability to be found. We have even seen a few sites lately that the spiders could not even crawl. Make sure you customers can find you. Let us take a look and make recommendations.


5) Sales from mobile devices are on the increase. You can no long ignore that fact that your site does not load or work on a mobile device such as your iphone, android, ipad or tablet. We can make your website mobile responsive for the holidays thus increasing your customer base and sales.


6) Last but not least, we find that no efforts have been taken to secure websites from hackers. There are many extensions for you CMS that can help improve your site security from malware and virus's. Dont take a chance, there malware and virus intrusions are automated and if your site is not secured and up to date, you are extremely vulnerable. We find that website owners are not even taking the most basic of precautions such as installing joomla's akeeba backup or wordpress's backup buddy so the site can be restored.


Its up to you, and its no one elses fault for not keeping your website current, fast, indexed, mobile responsive, and secure. We can help you and work within any reasonable budget.



Be proactive and get it done now. Lets make this the best holiday season ever.


Get Your Free Analysis Now  (860-294-2444)




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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

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